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Re: [IP] pain and high BGs what to do?

I am going into a big flare of connective tissue disease and I am in
alot!!!!! of pain which has made my BGs in the mid 300's all day. I can't
take pred and I am taking an anti-inflammatory but it isn't touching the
pain. How can I balance all of this? I can't get my pain level lower right
now so my question is how can I best deal with my BGs? I have used60 units
of insulin so far today. I called my doctor but there isn't anything else
they can do except a bone marrow transplant but the joint opinion of my
medical team is that I would more than likely not make it through that.
My main concern is my BGs...the lowest I have been able to get it down was
224 a few times today. But I am not eating much and my BGs go up up up anyway.
I wish there was an easy solution but..right now there isn't.
Anyway,...it is a mess having all of this auto-immune stuff plus siezures.
I can't get anywhere with any of these health problems and I guess I am not
asking for a solution but just need a place to get out my total
frustrations with this stuff.
email @ redacted
aol instant chat id riverbijou

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