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[IP] allergic to humalog???

I am starting to think I might be having very mild allergic reactions to the
humalog. My sites get mildly itchy at some point during my second day. My
bloodsugar levels do not seem affected though. I have tried several
different types of tape, sandwiching the set between pieces of tape as well
as different applications of other layers (such as Skin-Tac H) underneath
the tapes. I put a piece of the IV-3000 on a seperate area on my belly, now
5 days ago... not itchy at all. One thing I haven't tried is to not use the
IV-prep first.
Should I contact my endo and discuss trying a mix of Velosulin and Humalog?
How has that affected others' basals and boluses? and carb:insulin ratios??
Or has anyone experienced an allergic reaction to the IV-3000?

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