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[IP] dealing with monthly cycle -swings in bg

Here's one guys don't have to deal with.....
My bg levels are pretty significantly affected by hormones pre-menstrual
(run higher) and during my period (run lower than normal), with respective
adjustments needed in basal rates as well as bolus sizes it seems.
I started pumping the middle of July and have had my period twice since. The
first time things were off some, but not nearly as drastic as the second
time..... Has anyone else seen that happen??? could it be something about
the left and the right ovaries doing different things to hormones?? or am I
dreaming that there could be some sort of pattern, is it different from one
month to the next to the next....?
I felt like I was fumbling around in the dark the second time. Afraid to get
too aggressive with both basal rate as well as bolus adjustments
pre-menstrual for fear of crashing. When I started to 'get' that I did need
to be more aggressive it was so close to my actual period starting that I
hestitated because of the drop right at the time of the start of my
Things in the in-between period are so nice and smooth and wonderful that I
am starting to dread the approach of the next pre-menstrual week...
Any feedback would be much appreciated.
I won't be surprised if someone else is posing the same dilemma in an e-mail
right now, because several times now when I have thought of bringing up an
issue, its right there already being discussed.... this list has been
wonderful- it has definitely helped me emotionally, I have felt less lonely
and reassured by others' responses to people who posted struggling
Look forward to reactions.

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