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Re: [IP] Basal rates & puberty

> My son Eric is 13, weighs 106 pounds, and is very active.  We've
> been pumping for about a month and are having a pretty rough time
> getting his basal rates right.  Our doctor has been great but this
> is her first pump too and we're trying to figure things out
> together.  I'm curious about the basal rates being used by other
> kids around his age/weight.  Anybody willing to share?  Thanks! Pat

Other kids basal rates will not necessarily be indicitive of what 
Eric would use. A huge number of variables are present, particularly 
for kids. If you get in a real jam, I've found it easier to stabilize 
and set Lily's rates on Velosulin since it does not allow the bg's to 
fluctuate so widely due to environmental factors. That last time we 
did an extensive basal adjustment, she went on V for about 2 weeks, 
we got her set and switched her to her regular H/V mix by just 
reseting the timing of her basals. At the time we'd been trying to 
get her basals straight for about 5-6 weeks and were having 
difficulty. This was about 18 months ago. Since then we've made no 
changes in timing but have adjusted all of the rates up and down a 
little as her requirements changed. The fundamentals of rate setting 
are pretty well spelled out in Pumping Insulin, but what they don't 
go into is that you can't disturb the sleep pattern too much when 
checking for nights. I've found it better to do the testing over 
several nights with a day (night) off in between. A low at night can 
be treated with glucose without imparing the testing as long a you 
know the carb/bg ratio (which can be measured easily). Sometimes it 
has taken Lily and I as much as 2 weeks to get nights right because 
of being out of target starting range, needing sleep, not being able 
to duplicate data, etc...  Fix the obvious problems in basal settings 
for the whole day, but work on fine tunning nights, then mornings, 
afternoon, evenings.... one at a time. Figure on a week or more for 
each if necessary. I needn't take the long, but be prepared if 
necessary. e-mail me privately if you'd like specifics or my parental 
opinion on bg's.

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