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Re: [IP] Re: Puberty Ahead

> I'm experiencing similar problems with Kelly, and having just turned
> 6, I doubt it's hormonal.  (Going by genetics, she's not likely to
> be an early bloomer).  Since starting school she was mostly high all
> day, so we adjusted slowly, finally got her in range, only to see a
> major downswing this week. (Example, 10 AM last week she's in the
> nurse's office at 260.  

I've learned to be agressive about fixing basal problems with Lily. 
It was difficult for me to accept, and seemed even outrageous at 
times. The advise I got from her endo was to "go for it" if you think 
it's right. About the only thing I don't do is raise her insulin too 
much for nights.... still makes me nervous, but 0.1u/hr seems a 
pretty save change when she runs high. Things seem to change pretty 
quickly for kids. See my previous post to PC.

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