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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #486

Insurance companies are strange critters.  I have United Health Care (UHC)
as well (through my employer), and I live in Phoenix.  UHC paid 100% for my
pump back in 4/97, and since then they've paid 100% for my pump supplies.
And they insist that all pump supplies be purchased direct from MiniMed, to
cut out any sort of 'middleman'.  MiniMed bills UHC directly, so I don't
even have to deal with that.

> Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 23:35:48 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] United Health Care
> In a message dated 9/20/99 2:57:11 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> << I just got word that next year our insurance is going to switch to
>  United Health Care.  I just got things settled on this one and now a
>  change.  I am already panicking.  Does anyone of United 
> Health Care and
>  if yes how are they? >>
> Hi again Fran!
> I'm going to try to call you soon, I'd love to hear about the 
> watch. And boy 
> can I tell you an earful on United Health Care.  I had them 
> from 4/98 to 2/99.
> We have a small business (7 people) and the only way I've 
> found to buy 
> insurance is through a payroll processing service (employee 
> leasing).  My 
> only choice of healthcare through them was United Health Care 
> for the period 
> above.  They started using Maricopa Foundation in 2/99 and I 
> had to switch, 
> no choice.  Have since switched to new employee leasing 
> company and just 
> started this month with Aetna HMO.
> The United plan we had required that we purchase pump 
> supplies through 
> Arizona Home Care (they are wonderful).  I had a house fire 
> last year and 
> they personally drove my rush order in the middle of the 
> night when I had no 
> supplies.  Also placed an order that I needed a quick 
> turn-around on and they 
> delivered it to me on Thanksgiving Day (which I was not 
> expecting, but 
> greatly appreciated).  
> Now, the bad part.  My plan (yours could be different) 
> required that I pay 
> 20% and United covered the 80%.  Sounds ok, but the prices 
> they charged were 
> like triple what I could buy through MiniMed (I've done that 
> during periods 
> w/o insurance).
> So, take those sets that you can buy through MiniMed for $129 
> (I'm guessing - 
> I'd have to check the web site) triple the price for $387. 
> United requires 
> you to pay 20% of $387, or $77.40 for those sets you could 
> buy yourself for 
> $129.  However, Arizona Home Care, out of the monthly orders 
> I made, only 
> billed my once for my 20% - maybe they were happy with their 
> 80% of $387?  I 
> wasn't going to point out their error, but I still wonder if 
> they will come 
> after me for it.  Also, they took an average of 6-9 months to 
> pay each claim.
> The Maricopa Foundation coverage I've had this year, was even 
> worse in their 
> markup.  Aetna, who I got 9/1/99, covers at 100% (big sigh of 
> relief, now we 
> can eat again!!!)
> Lotsa luck with United,
> Jeanie in Phoenix
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