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Re: [IP] low while shopping

Jeanie,Tammy, et al...I too have gone low while shopping more times than I 
can count. My body's new favorite place to do this is Home Depot -- we're not 
there 15 minutes when I test and am in the 50s, when I've had a snack and 
tested perfectly normal not half an hour ago. I suspect it is an adrenaline 
thing, but who knows? (Home Depot is a particularly fun place to test my BG 
as I get to set my meter on something interesting, such as a BBQ grill or 
lumber, and all the jean-clad, boot-wearing construction guys cringe if they 
happen to see the sticking process.) My current solution is to have a snack 
with a bit of protein before shopping and test frequently to catch BGs as 
they are dropping, before they actually get too low, and carry a juice box 
with me. I also program a temporary basal rate that is 0.2 lower than usual 
and that helped last weekend. 
p.s. Jeanie, hell of a deal on those sweaters!!! Almost worth the hassle of 
the low :)
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