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Re: [IP] questions on insulin sensitivity--

Ruth, i'm getting emotional over all the help i'm receiving from this list!  
Today was not a good day, Matt started out at 344 ( i had to cut N at dinner) 
because the night before was all lows.......!!!!!!!  AAAhhhhh, then i had to 
meet with the asst principal of his school. He is the only child with D, and 
the school just reached an all time high of 1100 students, so all the 
instructions are new to everyone there.  I rec. a call from school nurse 
which required this meeting. Any way they asked me to sign a release form 
because Matt is self medicating.  He's using an inject-ese device for his 
lunch shot and they don't want to be held responsible,  so of course i signed 
the paper. But ever since this meeting, i've had the blues!  I never did 
mention Matt going on the pump.........a whole nother can of worms!  I'll 
just wait until that happens. Any suggestions on start up?  Should it be on a 
weekend, so i don't have to deal with school immediately?  Help, once again.

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