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Re: [IP] Re: Puberty Ahead


this is the same thing that geneva is going through.  michael has lily do a
temporary basal for the first few hours after she falls asleep.  that covers
her initial highs.  I think we will try this again tonight.  keeping a
regular 0.7 from 8 pm until midnight.  when she hits the pillow I am going
to have her set a temp. of 1.0...which usually works.  we will see.

last night we were high at midnight after a chinese meal and birthday cake.
415!  I think we underestimated the homemade cake (very high in butter..made
by me)  and the little pot stickers that were 'specially  made' by the
chinese restaurant for my mom's 80th birthday.

> Also, her initial sleep
> period is also very cyclic, where for a few weeks, she'll need a lot more
insulin those first few hours she's sleeping, and then it needs to be
> again for awhile. (Example, 12 AM last week, she's be 120-160, this week,

 >When she's high, I adjust slowly, for fear of crashing, and by the time I
get her in range, it seems likes it's
> time for a new cycle.

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