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[IP] Re: Puberty Ahead

I'm experiencing similar problems with Kelly, and having just turned 6, I doubt it's hormonal.  (Going by genetics, she's not likely to be an early
bloomer).  Since starting school she was mostly high all day, so we adjusted slowly, finally got her in range, only to see a major downswing this week.
(Example, 10 AM last week she's in the nurse's office at 260.  Yesterday, same time, same breakfast, same activity, same basals and boluses, she was at
39)  Her activity level is very consistent, and she eats almost the exact same meals every day.  Growth hormones perhaps?  Also, her initial sleep
period is also very cyclic, where for a few weeks, she'll need a lot more insulin those first few hours she's sleeping, and then it needs to be reduced
again for awhile. (Example, 12 AM last week, she's be 120-160, this week, 320-350) Again, it's not diet related, as Kelly's not an adventurous eater, so
we tend to stay with a few favorites.  When she's high, I adjust slowly, for fear of crashing, and by the time I get her in range, it seems likes it's
time for a new cycle.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Mary, Kelly's Mom

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