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[IP] Aetna Ins...for Jeanie in Phoenix

We also have Aetna. Not sure whether its the HMO or what, but we love
them so far. Shane isn't on the pump yet, but he's hoping to be soon. So
far they have paid every single thing we submitted without complaint,
even 100% of an eye surgery! We have met the out of pocket expense so
they will pay 100% of the pump if it is approved (and it sure sounds
like it will be). We are curious to find out about the coverage on pump
supplies like infusion sets etc. I assume that they are covered at 80%
as usual until you meet the out-of-pocket, and then they are covered
100%?  Do they place any restrictions on who you have to purchase them
through? We have not encountered any similar restrictions on other
diabetic supplies, but you never know...
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