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Re: [IP] low while shopping

In a message dated 9/20/99 4:33:34 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< > Hi Guys, I  keep going low every time I go shopping even if it is only
 > 15 mins. >>

Want to hear a really silly one?  Once while on my way to work I stopped at a 
great garage sale.  Had really nice kids clothes never worn $50-75 sweaters 
that Grandma had picked up that the grandkids never wore.  She was selling 
them for 50 cents each.  I was so very excited as I bought them and drove to 
work.  At about 8:30 after being at work only 30 minutes I got one of the 
worst reactions I'd ever had. Had to have a co-worker unwrap some Jolly 
Ranchers cause I couldn't get the wrappers off. I stayed there about an hour 
and couldn't get the sugars to rise at all, going at about 50-70.  Finally 
had to have someone drive me home and it took several hours to get the sugars 
back up.  I am NEVER low in the morning, because of dawn phenomenon.   This 
happened a couple of other times on Saturdays, but only while garage sale 
ing.  All I can figure is that the excitement of a great find must release 
adrenaline or something and makes me crash.  

Pretty stupid, HUH???

Jeanie in AZ
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