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Re: [[IP] problems with lows]

Melvin Abbott <email @ redacted> wrote:
Hi Guys, I  keep going low every time I go shopping even if it is only
15 mins.
Today I went shopping at wal-mart bg starting at 148 set a temp. basal
of 2/10 of a unit less than usually take one hour later I was 50 .That
was after already eating two glucose tabs. I can clean house and set the
same basal rate and not go low, but walk in wal-mart and most of the
time I go low ,but not
always.  I don't know one day from the next weather I'm going to go hi
or low.
Any advice would be appreciated.Thank you Tammy

    Tammy, when you say you "dont know if you are going to go low or high", do
you mean that you dont always go low when shopping? If that is the case, maybe
something else is causing the low. I myself always go low, when I go to a
store also. So I either eat just before or put the pump in suspend. I have
dropped 100 pts in less than an hour while shopping and have had some of my
worse hypos while shopping, especially at the Mall! I hope you figure out the
best method for correcting this. Denise

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