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Re: [IP] United Health Care

In a message dated 9/20/99 2:57:11 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I just got word that next year our insurance is going to switch to
 United Health Care.  I just got things settled on this one and now a
 change.  I am already panicking.  Does anyone of United Health Care and
 if yes how are they? >>

Hi again Fran!
I'm going to try to call you soon, I'd love to hear about the watch. And boy 
can I tell you an earful on United Health Care.  I had them from 4/98 to 2/99.

We have a small business (7 people) and the only way I've found to buy 
insurance is through a payroll processing service (employee leasing).  My 
only choice of healthcare through them was United Health Care for the period 
above.  They started using Maricopa Foundation in 2/99 and I had to switch, 
no choice.  Have since switched to new employee leasing company and just 
started this month with Aetna HMO.

The United plan we had required that we purchase pump supplies through 
Arizona Home Care (they are wonderful).  I had a house fire last year and 
they personally drove my rush order in the middle of the night when I had no 
supplies.  Also placed an order that I needed a quick turn-around on and they 
delivered it to me on Thanksgiving Day (which I was not expecting, but 
greatly appreciated).  

Now, the bad part.  My plan (yours could be different) required that I pay 
20% and United covered the 80%.  Sounds ok, but the prices they charged were 
like triple what I could buy through MiniMed (I've done that during periods 
w/o insurance).

So, take those sets that you can buy through MiniMed for $129 (I'm guessing - 
I'd have to check the web site) triple the price for $387. United requires 
you to pay 20% of $387, or $77.40 for those sets you could buy yourself for 
$129.  However, Arizona Home Care, out of the monthly orders I made, only 
billed my once for my 20% - maybe they were happy with their 80% of $387?  I 
wasn't going to point out their error, but I still wonder if they will come 
after me for it.  Also, they took an average of 6-9 months to pay each claim.

The Maricopa Foundation coverage I've had this year, was even worse in their 
markup.  Aetna, who I got 9/1/99, covers at 100% (big sigh of relief, now we 
can eat again!!!)

Lotsa luck with United,
Jeanie in Phoenix
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