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[IP] Re:disconnecting at night

> From: Dan & Lisa Diener <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Disconnecting at night
> Has anyone woken up and discovered that they have disconnected while sleeping?  I tested
> Spencer this AM when I woke up, he was 357.
> Lisa D. (Spencer's Mom)


Yes, I have had this experience!  Earlier this summer, I treated a very stubborn low just
before bed--one of those where you turn the pump off and still have to eat and eat to have
any results.  I had to have fasting blood work done the next morning, so I just ate a
little more than necessary in order to get the b.g. up.  That night, my set disconnected
where it attaches to the syringe, and I woke up at over 500!  (I literally have only tested
this high when I was hospitalized at diagnosis.)  It was a scary reminder to me about just
how short a time it takes to go that high.

However, I do also want to say that it has happened very rarely and that my bg was back in
a normal range w/in 4 hours of when I woke up.  I felt like crap, but all ended well.  In 4
years of pumping, I think I have disconnected overnight maybe 4 times.  Mostly thanks to my
evil cat, who delights in chewing up my infusion sets if I don't carefully hide them under
the covers!

Hope you and Spencer have recovered and are o.k.


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