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[IP] when is a site really bad?

> From: Kerfoot/Riganti <email @ redacted>
> I was having that problem last year when I tried to make my infusion last as long as
> possible, because of the price  (I pay for all supplies).  I found by about the third
> or fourth day (in retrospect), the site was going bad with straight Humalog as
> evidenced by no delivery alarms and rising BG's between boluses.    Janet Riganti

OK--this brings up a question for me.  When do you consider a site to have "gone bad"?
What I have experienced is that sometimes, after 3-4 days, my blood sugar seems to be
running high, but when I bolus, it comes down nicely.  This doesn't seem to be
consistent for me, and I'd need to pay a little closer attention to pinpoint the trend.
Have others experienced this--higher b.g. but with good response to boluses?


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