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[IP] questions on insulin sensitivity--


geneva weighs in at 86, ACTIVE while at school...recess,  rollerblading or
biking to school.  at home she sits around mostly. from about 10 am until
she comes home from school, she is on only 0.2 basal!

she was on a total of 26-28 units on MDI.

now she is on pump total of around 20 - 22...but she comes home from school
and EATS....lots of carbs!

her BASAL totals are now around 9 units.  this is where we saw a big drop.

you won't have any trouble with pumping because you can have as little as
0.1 unit per hour or even 0.0 if he has a period in which he really needs NO
insulin.  this can and does happen.  someone on this mail list...was it
Michael?...said that their child was on 0.0 for one hour in middle of night
when first on the pump.

if matt is really active during the school year, the basals will most
probably be minimal.don't worry...the pump will be the best thing for all of
you.  any questions ...give me a holler.

right now geneva's basals are:

12 am - 3 am     0.5  (this is tentative)
4 am - 6 am       0.4
7 am - 9 am       0.5
10 am - 2 pm     0.2
3 pm - 7 pm       0.4
8 pm - 11 pm     0.7  (also tentative)

mom to geneva, age 10 1/2 and pumping since june

> Ruth, what was geneva's total daily dose before the pump
> i'm worried his dose
> will be so small i'll have trouble with him pumping.  What is geneva's
> rate approx.  Matt is 10, 75lbs, and very active.

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