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[IP] missing IP members

here i am...still TEN digests behind...arrrghghghghgh, but just say that you 
were actually "missing" me???   awww - i feel so loved!

anyway...if you have sent me a persona; email in the past 2 weeks (JUDY PRE 
and FRERROY I know for sure have), and i havent responded it is because AOL 
decided to have a hypoglycemic attack and black out....so, now i am catching 

Roy...I remember you said you got your pump, but don't remember what else you 
said...if you still have that post, please resend it to me

Judy:  I am sorry i never got back to you about an endo...in addition to AOL 
being persnickity, I have also been swamped with work and never followed up 
with my endo...


BUT...just a reminder to all...please no HTML, and PLEASE no re-posting of 
entire messages when you write back to IP.  Also, if you are just saying "way 
to go"  "congrats" or "me too"  PLEASE send it directly to hte person you are 
congratulating rather than posting it to IP

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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