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Subject: [IP] timing of dawn phenomenon

Hi Gianna,
It's quite possible for your sugar to rise every day at the same time, if
it's rising mostly because of Dawn phenomenon, or it is possible that it
could be only rising when you really get up, if it's because of rises in
cortisol levels, which don't happen until you're actually vertical.  I hope
you get a chance to sleep in soon, so you can see which way it is for you!

Jenna's sugars jump by sometimes 200 or more points after breakfast, but
ONLY ON SCHOOL DAYS!  How silly - how does her body know what a school day
is?  But it does.  Michael helped us a lot with the idea of a "jump start"
dose - on school days, Jenna needs 1.2 units of insulin as soon as she gets
up, regardless of what she eats for breakfast.  On weekends, she doesn't
need this at all.  Odd, but it worked for Lilly, and now it's working for
Jenna.  You won't know if it works for you until you've had a free day to
see if your sugar rises or not, when you don't have to go to school.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom
<<I am noticing that when I
get up in the morning, my bg is perfect and then if I
don't eat anything, it starts to go up.  Now, what I can't figure out
(because I have not yet had the LUXURY of sleeping late with my pump yet!!)
Will my bg go up at the same TIME every day (it is always within 5-6 points
at 6:30 (when I get up) as it is at 3 am, then rises about 60 points or so
until 10-11 am when it levels off) or will it always go up for 3-4 hours
AFTER I GET UP, no matter what time this is.  To put it simply, do I need to
change my basal profiles or just set s temp basal for three hours whenever I
crawl out of bed? Anyone have any similar experiences or advice?  Thanks,
Gianna >>

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