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[IP] Gluco Watch Study

Hi Everyone,

This weekend I did a gluco watch study from Friday night until late
Saturday night.  Nothing like spending 28 hours with 18 other diabetics
and a bunch of CDE's.  We did have a blast.  Watched like seven movies,
got fed real well, and had great conversations.  Now how often do we get
to do that.

OK, the watch.  I wasn't overly excited about it.  We actually wore two
this weekend.  It takes three hours to calibrate it.  In other words
it's strapped to your arm for three hours and is not testing your blood
sugar.  It last twelve hours.  It's very sensitive to perspiration.  I
kept getting that pesky alarm.  When you get that alarm no blood sugar
test happens.  Now mind you I was the one wearing ear muffs and had
several blankets wrapped around me because the air conditioning was so
cold.  By the end of the 15  hours it really started itching.  I was
sharpening my nails about two hours before I could take it off.  :-)  I
really don't think it's intended to wear 24 hours, well you really
couldn't because of the three hour calibration.  It might be good for
wearing at night because it will alarm if you go to low and additionally
it would be a much easier way to make adjustments to your basel rates.
You wouldn't have to wake up to test.  You could just put on the watch
and look at the results in the am.

Well that's all I can think of.

Fran in az

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