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Re: [IP] Pumps in hospitals

In a message dated 9/17/99 5:54:45 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<Besides a possible lawsuit against the hospital, a nurse could 
 lose his/her nursing license and/or her job.  Nurses aren't trying to be 
 difficult- they are trying to do what is in the best interest of the patient 
 in the safest manner. >>

You obviously do not have IDD and have never been the victim of poor nursing 
care.  I have.  I will agree that there are many good nurses and maybe there 
is only 1 in a 100 that are dangerous.  I have had that one dangerous nurse 
nearly everytime I have been in the hospital so I make it a policy to never 
go to a hospital or ER under any circumstances concerning IDD.  I would 
rather die at home than in the ER with a bunch of incompetent people.  I 
believe my husband and family are trained enough to help me.  With 
experience, family members become more comfortable with low bg tmt.  

My advice to parents is to NEVER leave your IDD child alone in a hospital.  
The day nurse may be great, but the night nurse may be totally incompetent.  
I have had IDD for nearly 40 years and I have had many bad experiences.

When I was pregnant with my first child 21 years ago, the head nurse gave me 
insulin for a low blood sugar.  This was not a student nurse, she was the 
HEAD nurse.  Believe me, we complained and she was sent for reeducation.  I 
still shudder to think how many people she killed because of her lack of 

Annette,  I know you are trying to be fair to all those excellent nurses out 
there, but you have no idea how a person like me with IDD feels when going 
into a hospital.  I feel like my life is on the line even for some minor tmt 
unrelated to IDD.  

Dr. Death and Nurse Ratchett are both present in every hospital.  We must 
take precautions against them.  The best precaution for me is to take care of 
myself and make sure I have a family member with me if I am in the hospital.  
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