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Re: [IP] questions on insulin sensitivity--not matching up

gianna, I'm not sure on what you mean by not matching up.  There is not
always a good correlation between one's basal rate and bolus needs.
Another way to look at it is to consider how much you BG will be raised by
one g of carb.   From your numbers, 1 g of carb will raise BG 7.5 mg/dl.
This I admit is on the high side.  Mine is about 3, and geneva's about 3,
too (she's not at all weird, ruth :-).  You can figure this by taking the
carb/ins ratio and dividing it by the g/ins ratio.  This is actually a
useful number to know, especially when treating a hypo.  So basically,
gianna, you need about half as much glucose as I do to treat a low.    If
your question relates to why you are more sensitive, I can't help you
there.   But it's probably related to the same reason as why you and I
don't look the same *S*

>Hi all--one thing I've noticed here, maybe you can help?  I am on .4 units
>per hour basals that seem pretty close to what they should be (I think I
>need to adjust up in the morning and down in the afternoon by about 1 tenth
>unit.)  and, one unit of humalog brings me down AT LEAST 75 points, maybe
>more like a hundred.  So that would make me insulin sensitive.  But I still
>seeme to need 1 unit for 10 grams cho, which seems wrong?  Is all of the
>math supposed to check out?  Technically I "should" have 1 unit for 15grams
>cho, but I know the body doesn't always work mathematically!! Anyone with
>ideas?   --gianna

>geneva is weird this way also.
>1 unit drops her about 95-100   points
>her carb ratio is about  1:32,  1:34,  1:37   we are still tuning these.
>it doesn't make sense when you do the charts and mathematical deductions.

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