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Re: [IP] Help! Puberty ahead

> puberty.  Jenna had a 3-week stretch earlier this summer, when her sugars
> ran very high, 200's-300's, but I blamed it on changes in summer activity,
> eating, etc.  Now, we've had another 3 week stretch of high sugars - just
> finished bumping her basal rates up.  Lots of sleep deprivation checking
> sugars every 2-3 hours all night, but for the last week, we finally seemed
> to have basals that were working.  Now, for 2 days, she's been low - 58
> virtually all day today, despite lots of extra carbs.  She didn't seem to be
> sick or stressed or anything, and hasn't started periods yet.  So, when kids
> are starting puberty, does their sugar go up and down in little cycles?  And
> if so, as I'm beginning to suspect, how in the heck do you manage basal
> rates that change every 3 weeks?

I found with Lily that we didn't need to basal check. Usually the short 
term variation could be accomodated by shifting one or more basals up or 
down by only a tenth unit. Repeated highs at night are fixed by first one 
increase for basal one (1am) followed by an increase on the next night of 
basal 2 (4am) if it looks like it is needed. We are more aggressive about 
daytime basals as it is easier to treat a low/high if there is an error. 
Adjustments are made within a couple of days of seeing the change. It 
seems that the timing of the basal requirements don't change (at least 
for Lily) and the minor tweak to the basal does the trick.

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