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Re: [IP] basal adjustments

> In a message dated 99-09-16 20:50:09 EDT, you write:
> \
> Michael,
> << Basal 
>  requirements themselves are not that stable based on my observations. >>
> By "not that stable" do you mean increased insulin because of growth?
That's part of it, but physical activity (or not) on a particular day, 
variable eating patterns (after practices) etc... make it darn hard to 
set a basal rate that works for the period following these things. I've 
noticed that when Lily plays couch potato in the summer, her basals are 
relatively stable and predictible. When she works out for soccer, swim, 
etc... her insulin sensitivity increases and her bg's may vary by 100 pts 
from night to night with the same baseline meals and insulin intake. 
Growth spurts just complicate this scenario.

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