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[IP] Re: Exercise Lows/Highs

>Robin, Matt always goes low, with vigorous excersice especially in the
>Even when given extra carbs to cover it, he seems to just burn right thru
>them, i'm hoping once on the pump, this will lesson it somewhat.  Did Kevin
>just bolus right before this happened, or just went low with basal rate?
>really like to know this is one part of pumping i don't understand yet.  Do
>you still have to give extra carbs for activity?

On MDI, vigorous walking would occasionally send me hypo.  See, there is a
big pool of regular and long acting insulins with MDI, waiting to send you
into a low...but pumping, there is no analogous pool of unused insulin.  So
the lows are less common.  To be safe, it is still best to carry around
glucose tablets.

I try to walk four miles a day, and I make no basal adjustments.  I have yet
to go hypo exercising while pumping.

>> Today I did an hour of low intensity water aerobics.  Easy enough.
>> My starting BG was nearly 200 - I'd pumped it up on purpose- my
>> ending BG was 285 and 2 hours later I was 435 despite having bolused
>> for the 285.

Possibly this was aggravated by disconnecting as well?  You missed an hour
of basal insulin that caused a rise of greater than 40 mg/dl.  I think it
would help for you not to disconnect in the water.

Also, your blood glucose may have been rising when you measured it at

Personally, were I 285, I would have bolused normal plus 60-100% to
compensate for insulin resistance.  Very seldom do I hit 435, but an
occasional high spike is nothing to flagellate yourself over.

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