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Re: [IP] questions on insulin sensitivity--not matching up

Had a few thoughts about your insulin sensitivity. No, that math doesn't 
sound quite right, but sure everybody's body's different. (bad english, oops).

I'm on BR (buffered regular) so a little slower acting and not quite so 
strong. My basal is 1.1 most of the day, with 1.5 for three hours before 
waking, and 1.2 for two morning hours after that.  (I think most people are 
lower than that). I have what we call "a dawn phenomenon", where your body 
surges up the bgs prior to waking and in the early morning hours.  
Consequently, I use different carb ratios at different times of the day. 
1unit to 7 carbs for breakfast; 1 to 10 at lunch and 1 to 12 at dinner.  I 
try not to do an evening snack (or make it a veggie/protein) because that 
just adds to the early am problem.

Also just to really screw things up (guys quit reading here), about 3 days 
before my period starts my basal needs increase by about 30-50% and it seems 
like the insulin isn't working.  Then when it starts the basal rates drop 
below my normals for a day.  Hormone levels are supposed to be to blame.  
Now, teenagers wouldn't have those pesky hormones running around, would they?

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