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Re: [IP] exercise lows

In a message dated 9/19/99 2:18:37 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< This ALWAYS happens to me!! Like this morning :)  I ate 3 (yikes!!) 
 doughnuts (I know I know . . .i haven't had a doughnut in months . . .cut me 
 some slack, we are pumpers afterall!)  >>

Oh Gianna,
Don't beat yourself up about the doughnuts, but don't make it a morning 
ritual either (like I did for awhile - and got pretty darned fat).  Are you 
pumping H? or BR?  Either way, I've found out that with doughnuts I give 
about half the bolus while eating and the rest over the next 2-3 hours.  My 
pump is older so I do this by setting a higher temp basal rate, yours 
probably calls it a "square bolus" (I think that's the right term). Reason 
being all of the fat in the doughnuts makes the carbs take longer to be 
absorbed into your body.  Same thing with pizza or if you eat a lot of pasta 
at one time.  So sure, it makes sense that you went so low if you took all 
the insulin when you ate the doughnuts and then to top it off exercised.

My favorite "bad treat" is a slushy from Sonic Burger (do you have those 
where you are?). Same thing as an Icee.  There's no fat in it, so when you 
figure out how much insulin it needs to cover it, you can take the insulin 
when you eat it, go up and down, and get it out of your system quickly.  
Milkshakes being liquid (lactose and sucrose) with fat are kinda in the 
middle on action time.  The things with both lots of flour and fat take the 
longest to hit, (like the doughnut) or another favorite soft garlic/butter 

By-the-way, this is not a good diet, but realistically if you're on a pump 
you're probably going to try it once and a while, so you might as well find 
the best way to do it.  Also have found it very valuable to keep accurate 
food/insulin logs with real accurate times and bg readings when experimenting 
with new foods.  Then next time you eat it you can refer back to see what 

Best of luck, I love your enthusiasm!

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