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Re: [IP] timing of dawn phenomenon

At 05:27 PM 9/19/1999  gianna marzilli wrote:
 >hello again, more questions from The Newbie :)  I am noticing that
 >when I
 >get up in the morning, my bg is perfect (big huge wide grin) and then if I
 >don't eat anything, it starts to go up.  Now, what I can't figure out
 >(because I have not yet had the LUXURY of sleeping late with my pump yet!!

This is not uncommon. It happens to me. For some reason a lot of us have a 
higher insulin requirement in the morning and less in the afternoon. Try 
increasing your basals for the morning hours... do it slowly, until you can 
stay relatively level all morning. You'll need to experiment with not only 
the amount to raise those basals, but for how long to raise them. Mine use 
the higher morning basal rate from 7am to 11am. But, everyone is different.

If you've experimented with temporary basals, you can use that as a guide 
to increase your normal basal rates. Being able to have varying basals is 
the neat thing about pumping... your body changes during the day and your 
pump can change along with it. For more information about changing basals 
see the Insulin Pumpers web-page.


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