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[IP] timing of dawn phenomenon

hello again, more questions from The Newbie :)  I am noticing that when I 
get up in the morning, my bg is perfect (big huge wide grin) and then if I 
don't eat anything, it starts to go up.  Now, what I can't figure out 
(because I have not yet had the LUXURY of sleeping late with my pump yet!! 
grrr . .. . as soon as I could've slept late, school had to start!!)  is . . 
.will my bg go up at the same TIME every day (it is always within 5-6 points 
at 6:30 (when I get up) as it is at 3 am, then rises about 60 points or so 
until 10-11 am when it levels off) or will it always go up for 3-4 hours 
AFTER I GET UP, no matter what time this is.  To put it simply, do I need to 
change my basal profiles or just set s temp basal for three hours whenever I 
crawl out of bed? Anyone have any similar experiences or advice?  Thanks, 
Gianna (in the process of fine tuning)

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