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[IP] exercise/lows


Kevin had just bolused for his lunch. He was 120 at lunch time, ate at Burger 
king....bolused 1/2 there and then the 2 units that were left . The 2 units 
that were left  he did while he was running around outside in the heat. THAT 
is the time I feel he gets into trouble. If he had waited a 1/2 hour to 1 
hour...I dont think it would have happened. Since gettting the pump, this has 
happended about 6 times...each time same scenario. We try to avoid it, but 
sometimes it is spontaneous and not easily avoided.  

When we know he is going to exercise, we plan ahead with his meals. He has to 
eat  any meals at least 1 1/2 before soccer so that the bolus is long before 
he plays. Then about 10 min before he plays  he disconnects and eats some 
carbs or drinks juice.  AFTER soccer, we lower his basal to about 60% for 4 
hours. Any other meals after soccer we bolus normal.

Obviously we dont have it all figured out..but we have established a pattern!

Hope that helps.

Mom of Kevin
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