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Re: [IP] Info request

Hi Phil -

I recently finished a 4-year stint in Japan, still on MDI.  I wish I had had
this pump for those longer than forever (!) flights from the east coast to
Tokyo!  I would shoot for a compensatory shot of regular somewhere over the
Pacific and then try to resume my NPH and Regular after I hit Tokyo, having
to hit the ladies' room for my next "normal" shot before leaving the airport
to head for home (outside Tokyo).  Believe me, if I had had the pump then, I
would have been in 7th heaven - no more taking shots in that pathetic
airplane bathroom, and no more finding the airport bathroom before heading
home.  Go for it!  Continue your flights between Marseilles (did I spell
that right?) and London, and revel in loving your job.  I suggest trying a
pump - I wish I had done it when I had to do all that travelling!  It can
only make your life simpler!

Good luck!    Jane

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