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Re: [IP] questions on insulin sensitivity--not matching up

Hi Gianna -

I am also on .4 per hour, 24 hours per day.  When I started on the pump, my
ratio was 1:15 (that is, 1 unit per 15 g carbo's).  However, with practise
and time, my real ratio seems to be more like 1:8 g carbo - which I just
started last week.  Still on .4 per hour, which seems dead right!  Without
eating, bg doesn't move much up or down - big relief to figure that out -
also, keep in mind I've only been pumping for about 6 months - don't have it
all nailed down yet!  But my basal rate is right on the money (I think)!  So
I think 1 unit for 10 is probably close to right!  At least don't give up
until you thoroughly test it!

I really enjoy your e-mails!          Jane

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