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[IP] questions on insulin sensitivity--not matching up

Hi all--one thing I've noticed here, maybe you can help?  I am on .4 units 
per hour basals that seem pretty close to what they should be (I think I 
need to adjust up in the morning and down in the afternoon by about 1 tenth 
unit.)  and, one unit of humalog brings me down AT LEAST 75 points, maybe 
more like a hundred.  So that would make me insulin sensitive.  But I still 
seeme to need 1 unit for 10 grams cho, which seems wrong?  Is all of the 
math supposed to check out?  Technically I "should" have 1 unit for 15grams 
cho, but I know the body doesn't always work mathematically!! Anyone with 
ideas?   --gianna

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