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[IP] Digest vs. Mail List/How often to change infusion sets

Hi All!  I've been enjoying the opportunity to connect with so many
other pump users.  Been using a MM507C for the past 4 days.  Fine tuning
my basals as I'm still having a few too many lows.  I've really
appreciated all the responses to my ? about Martial Arts and pumping.
Thx so much.
I love the dialogue, support, and incredible opportunity to learn from
others' experience on this list. But I am finding the volume of mail
rather daunting.  I understand there's a Digest and it's organized by
Thread/Topic.  That would be preferable for me due to time constraints.
I went to the Home Page but can't figure out how to access the Digest
Page.  HELP!  Thx so much.
Also, I'm wondering how often you all change your sets?  Every 3 days
was recommended by my Diabetes Team and the MM sales rep.  But I'm into
my 4th day and the site still feels comfortable.  The pump still has
about a half  ml of insulin.  So I'd rather use it up than waste it.  I
can tell there's alot of rebel rule breakers out there.  But really
we're the trail blazers and the only real experts on diabetes.  How
often do you change your sets?  Thx again.  Marilyn
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