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Re: [IP] Converting Regular to Humalog

email @ redacted wrote:

> Is there some kind of formula or rule to translate to Humalog?

I think the humalog formulas are available in a Walsh publication, just
don't have them.  

Basal adjustments need to be done 1 hour before the bgs are rising or
falling, not the 2 hours Walsh says to use for R.  

I saw a page last fall on Walsh's web site that I can't find now <sigh>
that said to use a 25% per hour used on remaining insulin calculations. 
My personal activity curve is probably 30% first hour, 35% 2nd hour 20%
3rd hour and 15% 4th hour but I use Michael's 33% 1st and 2nd hour,
remaining over last 2 hours, cause the math is easier and close enough.

As always YMMV or YACMV (your activity curve may vary).  


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