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Re: [IP] eyes

Although you might think that you would not have wanted to have the doctor wait and have had done something sooner, you might want to know the reasons why he waited to do laser.
(Without trying to be too technical).  Laser is probably one of the best things to come along next to the pump.  BUT, it does have it's FAULTS.  For one thing you might want to know when you burn those spots in back of your eyes not only are you sealing off those areas of potentially damaging "spots", but you are also damaging areas in the back of your retina.  These are rods and cones, and are what determine color and fine tuning of what you see, with the  fovea centralis in the macula being the sharpest point in the center of your field of vision.  The more burns that occur the more damage done to those parts.  Also, the more burns in the back of your eye, chances are that eventually it will suffer either what is called macula ischemia, (which is when the blood supply to your macula is cut off or limited and essentially starved, losing the ability to function), OR macular edema, (which is a build up of fluid in the macula area, which is similar to a blister, creating swelling which does not allow visual perception).  Either one is pretty much a guarantee of severe visual loss.
Over twenty years ago I had nonproliferative retinopathy in my right eye.  Laser was still pretty new and the spots that they burned were larger than the spots they do today.  As a preventative measure the doctor I was seeing decided the best treatment was to aggressively treat this area with laser.  The first thing I loss was the sharpness and the second was my ability to determine color out of that eye.  Eventually, I lost my perfect twenty-twenty vision out of that eye due to macular ischemia. 
Ten years later and a really great ophthalmalogist told me that the first doctor had "butchered" my eye and all of my visual loss was due to over aggressiveness, NOT DIABETES. 
In the past ten years I have had ten spots burned in my left eye.  My vision in that eye is perfect.  I can read all the way to the bottom of the chart and that includes the company that put their name on it.  My doctor says that everything looks so great and I will never go blind, let alone have severe visual loss in that eye.
If someone were to tell me that the doctor they saw wanted to burn 1500 spots in their eye I would tell them to run the other way and get a second, and a third opinion.  Make sure that you doctor proceeds with caution, and goes slowly.  They can always do more at a slower pace, not undo what was done in a rush.