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Re: [IP] Hot tub therapy?

My initial thought when I first read this post was "Is this similar to the
massage therapy study?"  A few years ago, there was a study done in
children (I think they all were on injections) where they parents were
taught how to massage their children.  The children who were massaged had
improved control (lower A1c's I think was their measure of control) and
they and their parents felt better about diabetes.  The conclusion of the
study was that they were unsure if the massages themselves or the calm
(a.k.a. less anxiety/stress) because of the massages were the reason of
this improvement.  (If anyone is really interested, I have could dig up the
article and tell you where it is.)  I know that "hot tubbing" is a very
relaxing experience for me, like massages, so I was wondering if they were
linked.  However after reading the posts, I suspect it was more likely the
whole absorption thing that the news segment would have talked about.

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