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Subject: [IP] exercise lows

Yup.  Even though Jenna usually RISES with exercise, if she exercises while
the Humalog bolus from a meal is still peaking, then she'll get low.  It all
goes back to this liver thing.  Insulin is a very powerful messanger to the
liver NOT to make any sugar, but to store sugar as glycogen, and other
energy storage molecules.  But the liver is also the organ that controls
spitting out some sugar if you use it up fast during exercise (muscle can do
this some, but not as well as the liver.)  So, if the liver is in the
storing / not making sugar time because of a lot of Humalog floating around,
it won't help you out with any sugar.  If the Humalog isn't peaking, and
you're just back to basal insulin, then it can respond to the exercise

Jenna's problem with this is PE at school, which is from 8:30 till 9:15.
Her breakfast bolus is still peaking, and her sugar drops like a rock.  It
takes her about 30 grams of carbs to get through a silly 45 minute PE class,
but only takes about 15 grams of carbs to get through a 3 hr gymnastics
workout later in the day.  What a complicated disease this is!

Nancy Morgan

Has anyone else noticed that if you exercise within 30-60 min of taking
Humalog that you go low when you are exercising? Especially in the heat?

Kevin has done so well with soccer and we are careful not to bolus before
games...but today he was playing around at his sisters game with some other
kids..just kicking the ball around and within 1/2 hour he was 38! He hardly
ever gets lows anymore, but when he does it is THAT situation.

Just curious.

Mom of kevin

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