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Re: [IP] Hot Tubs

On 18 Sep 99, at 21:48, email @ redacted wrote:

> Greetings- I must say I was shocked to read Safieh's report on deaths of
> diabetics due to hot tubs lowering their BG to such a critical point they
> drowned. 

Not really sure it could be said that "the hot tub lowered Bgs to a 
critical point", it may have contributed, but I believe that they may 
have also drowned in cold water if a hypo hit.

>    I admit
> that a hot tub is no place to be if one goes low, but I am hoping there
> are other pumpers who will- once again- reiterate their experiences on
> this subject. Dianne

Yes, I have spent many years relaxing in hot tubs.  Their relief from 
stress does contribute to insulin working more efficiently, but I 
would be as cautious going into to cold water as I would "hot"!


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