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Re: [IP] Re: ER visits

Actually, I didn't call the ambulance for the low blood sugar itself. I
have dealt with that (and the seizures) many times before, and know how
to do the glucagon thing if necessary.  However, he had blood flowing
from his mouth and I couldn't tell where it was coming from (turns out
that when he fell out of the bed during the seizure he bit a huge chunk
of his tongue!). Also, he was vomiting about every 5 minutes, for over
45 minutes after the seizure was over (probably from swallowing so much
blood...). Anyway, neither of those things had happened before and
nothing we did seemed to help him.  He was completely aware and over the
low blood sugar before the EMTs arrived. Even after he got to the
hospital and they gave him some anti-nausea meds he kept throwing up for
at least 2 more hours and I think if I had been here alone at home with
him I would have been pretty frantic by then!

>> that Shane was diabetic! Thankfully Shane was aware and able to tell
>> them some of this, but of course he has no memories during the
>> actual reaction and seizure, so he can't tell them much useful. From
>> now on, screw the ambulance, I will just drive him in myself! Laura

>You can probably help him much more with a large dose of glucose if 
>he is consious and/or capable of swallowing (glucose gel). Or giving 
>him a dose (half dose??) of glucagon. Talk to his endo. This would be 
>much faster and probably safer than a trip to the hospital. I'm sure 
>his medical team can train you on the necessary things to do.
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