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[IP] I spoke too soon....

Hi everyone. Earlier I sent a post, and this was part of it

<< BTW, her bgs after that? at 4a.m. - 103, 6:30 - 107, lunch 111, 3:30 pm - 
108, and dinner time, 106. I am knocking on wood like crazy!!!!! Don't know 
how the rest of the weekend will be until it's over - she's away at a church 

Darn! When will I learn to keep my mouth shut and just keep knocking on that 
wood until my knuckles bleed???? I took my older daughter shopping today, and 
when I arrived home, my husband informs me that Amy called from her retreat 
-- site was very sore (less than 24 hrs. in place) and her bg was 462!! No 
keto stix -- the only thing she forgot to pack (she even remembered extra 
batteries!) When she went to change her site out, got an alarm. Gary called 
MM, got that under control. She injected, went to 231, and 1 hour later was 
at 62. Has a new site in place and all is well. She says it's not a site 
infection, it was just very sore.

Oh well, so much for perfection. Guess from now on, if you don't hear from 
me, all is well!! lol

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