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[IP] Re: IP Hot tubs...another slant..

Hi Folks,

After Erica had been pumping 2 1/2 months, we went away to a local
resort to celebrate, and while there, Erica spent a short time in the
hot tub.  Obviously, it was not short enough.  When we came out, and
went back to our cabin, it was time for a site change.  Her skin was red
(she is very fair skinned and blonde), but  I thought nothing of it.
Figured it was just the heat.  Within 20 mins of getting out of the hot
tub, I was inserting a new Silhouette in her backside and the cannula
immediately filled with blood, right up to the connector!  It was just
like sucking blood up a straw, seriously, it happened that quickly.  I
figured, oh just a freak occurrence, what a chance of that happening
again.  We did another insertion, 40 minutes later( had to wait for
Emla), and the SAME thing happened.

IN speaking with the endo (she called us at the resort), she said Erica
had 'basal dilated' in the hot tub, and we would have to wait for her
body to cool down before inserting again.  We used the old site for a
bolus to cover supper and it still worked fine.  Finally, a few hours
later, with fingers crossed, we used our last Silhouette and no blood.

Just thought I would add another tidbit to the hot tub saga :)

Barb....Erica's mom

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