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Re: [IP] Exercise Highs

Agri, Barbara wrote:
>         I am going through the same thing.  I am working with an exercise
> physiologist to pin point the problem.  I do 45-60 min. cardio, checking the
> blood sugar before and after.  I then do 45-60 min. of weight lifting.  I
> check again and starting to go up.  By about 2 hours after, I am a lot
> higher.  The problem, according to her, is that I am dropping at some point
> and then rebounding.  They are recommending suspending the pump (I do this
> if exercise mid-morning) or cutting back on the bolus I do this if I am
> exercising within 2 hours after a meal).  They also suggest a snack of 15-30
> grams of carbo (depending on the starting blood sugar) prior to exercising.


There are a number of us on this List who have increases in blood sugars
with exercise.  For myself, certain types of exercise cause this
increase, while others do not.  A few examples for me is intense dancing
and cycling on my stationary bike.  And this increase is not due to
hypo, then rebounds.  When I start my 30 minute cycle, I do a temp basal
rate of about 150% and do this for about 2 hours and that takes care of
it.  Without the increase in basal rate, my BG starts to creep up at
about two hours and continues on the rise for another couple.

Janet Riganti

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