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Re: [IP] convincing the ignorant

Ruth -

Spanning the generations has never been easy, and is EVEN more difficult
with diabetes!  I shared an ER room with a woman whose sister had died of
diabetes before insulin was even invented!  Cut your mother some slack -
she's doing the best she can she's upset - and worried!  When I deal with
family occasions, I always have to cut them some slack, even though they
grew up with me - they don't follow diabetes like I do!  Explain the best
you can, and that's all YOU can do!  Geneva can hold her own!  Diabetes is
never easy, and family occasions are no different - and perhaps - more
difficult!  What do you do at Christmas - Thanksgiving?  Maybe you are new
to this - Americans celebrate with food!  As a diabetic, we are restricted -
it takes training for us AND our families!

Good  luck!     Jane

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