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Re: [IP] Martial Arts

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Marilyn Wolovick wrote:

> Its been really frustrating.  How do you keep your bgs normal for class?
> Do you decrease your basal a few hours before?  Or take a small bolus
> during?   

I go to class right after supper generally. It works out that the food and
the insulin do their thing while I'm disconnected. I haven't had any highs
or bad lows. I'm a big pasta eater (no problems either) so I usually have
some pasta/tortellini/mac+cheese and then go to the dojo. I haven't made
any basal/bolus adjustments other than disconnecting right before class
(about 1.5 hours). 

How do I keep my BG for rising you say? Ukemi :)
Seriously. Aikido at my dojo is so aerobic I haven't had any real

> I'm also curious about your aikido practise.  Where is your dojo and who
> is your teacher?

I practice at Northeast Aikikai in Chelmsford, MA. I've been practicing
for about 2 years now. My teacher is Sensei Lou Periello 5th Dan. He has
practiced with several sensei's Kanai, Yamada, Chiba, and Tohei. He
practiced almost exclusively with Kanai Sensei for 12 years.


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