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[IP] Re: Hot tub therapy?

I did not see the story on the news, but it reminded me of an e-mail that was 
sent out a while ago.  Maybe someone can comment on the safety of hot tubs, 
or lack of it. Below is a copy of the old e-mail about hot tubs.

We were at our clinic today getting set up for the pump and heard a
frightening reminder.  Another patient (from a different clinic) just
died from being in a hot tub and getting "low".  We probably all
remember the warnings on how the hot tub can increase insulin uptake if
you give a shot right before entering the water, but I thought it was
worth reminding everyone to really watch for lows if you give a shot or
bolus of insulin prior to a very hot bath or hot tub....ideally you wait
until they are out.  Sorry for alarming parents, but I seem to hear
about a "hot tub" accident almost every year...one child was only five
feet from his parents, but they weren't looking when he slipped under
the water.  Anyway, sorry again for the sad news but if it saves one
child, I thought it would be worth the reminder.
P.S.  The pump is great!....I have one too, but mine is saline and comes
off in a couple days.

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