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[IP] Sof set Micro Lows, Pumps & Hospitals

Hi all--
 I'm guessing the micros are for thinner people. I started the pump
June 28 and while I would not give it up, it seems that all I've had is
problems..started with basals adn then for the longest time with
infusion sites...I switched from sof sets to sils hoping to find a set
that was actually comfortable, then tried needles to see if those were
comfortable..no luck anywhere! I just got my reorder of sils..only prob
is those hurt, sometimes bleed, sometimes bruise and lately the cannula
comes out NOt the tape..strange to me, and yes I know how to insert at
a proper angle! These micros have been working well and i basicallyt
old my mom i want to return what they sent last week and reorder once
again when these are available but she thinks if it's going to be at
all of a hassle just wait 3 months..so i think i'm stuck with the
painful sils..and YES, with sils when I change them in the late morning
/ afternoon, 9 out of 10 times I must change it again that night before
bed for one of whatever reasons...henceforth, i fly through sets, i'm
lucky to get 3 days out of them...My bg with micros are good, but like
last night very consistent until i hit 40 and i'm not comfortable with
that. As for now I'm not touching basals unless i crash again tomorrow
 Y'all freak me out about hospitals! I've always gone tot eh local
hospital..no peds endo, NO regular endo, no one wiht expertise
knowledge..at least not when i'm there. I was diagnosed there and
couldn't be transferred to my endo's hospital 90 miles away b/c of a
blizzard and anytime I get sick it's here wheere that's the
hospital..plain and ignornant. Y'all scare me because they would be
IDIOTS about the pump. First they now have a partial peds place..just
pushed off to the side, and i'm 16 and HOPE i don't go there ever, but
when I was last in in January..stomach flu, nothing would stay down..I
was told I should not have taken any insulin..being ignorant at first i
accepted this and then learned...and I thought the endo's advice to do
the "whole" shot (yes, back on shots..hey i did them for ten years, so
almost all hospital experiences <<<<so far>>>>> have been on
shots...the endo said do the whole shot..that made me mad...i was home,
sick every few mniutes, dehydrated and i think going low..i always go
low when food doesn't stay down, so I saw no point to doing regular
insulin when i knew i wouldn't eat..from listening to people online I
now believe for sick days you take the long term insulin, NOT the short
term unlessyoure bg needs it..in me, I go low and then that becomes the
prob of having to bring it up despite vomiting. Oh, so teh er doc got
mad at the endo for telling us to do the whole shot, said that was
crazy and we shouldn't have done any... by the way i dont' like
ers..tehy don't know diabetes and they are sooo slow..took them 7 hours
to admit me and they forgot about me, 2 ivs ran dry and went about an
hour b4 refilled and dehydration was one of the problems..go figure!
Also, I didn't appreciate b/c i was dehydrated, tehy took 4 tries to
get in an iv and first 2 times or so they don't hurt, but I was feeling
bad after 4 pricks with a HUGE needle. Finally they got it..but when i
was about to be admitted, a lady frmo my family doc's office (hehe,
this is the one good thing about this incident, I switched my local
diabetes care to her, in March she thought that pumps were the most
logical thing for teens..and now I have one! i see her in 2 weeks!) but
she said we most definitely needed to do insulin, true, but i think
cutting back on regular would be smart..and for the whole week after
that i was on fractionsof my dose depending on what mys tomach could
manage..thanks to this family doc, smart way to go, in the hospital i
stayed under 200...UNTIL i got home, but there's another story... I
would hate to be in the hospital with a pump..b/c they woudl not have a
clue as to what to do plain and simple, if they think shots are hard to
 yes, micros are defnitely keeping me low, but too low at times but i
want to switch anyway..until one crimps, but i'm only on set 2

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