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Subject: [IP] Exercise Highs

Exercise highs are one of my favorite topics, because my daughter is among
the minority of people with DM who does that.  The problem is that the liver
over-responds to all the chemical "messages" about exercise, and dumps
newly-made sugar into the bloodstream.  It is hard to get the sugar down
once that happens.  The way to prevent it from happening is a bolus of
insulin 20-30 minutes before the exercise begins, which kind of tells the
liver to be quiet.  Of course, you have to eat a snack to cover the insulin,
but usually the dose it takes to quiet the liver is pretty small, so you
don't have to eat a lot if you're trying to lose weight.  For Jenna (she's
10, weighs 70#, so it's probably different for an adult), it only takes
about 0.4 unit bolus to accomplish that.  But if she doesn't have it, she'll
be 300+ every time after exercise!  The only exception for her is if she
exercises shortly after a meal - then her liver is already quiet from the
meal's insulin, and she doesn't have to do any more.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

<<Let's face it, I'm fat!  ..Today I did an hour of low intensity water
aerobics...  .My starting BG was nearly 200 - I'd pumped it up on purpose-
my ending BG was 285 and 2 hours later I was 435 despite having bolused for
the 285.
I know that whatever my body interprets as stress ends up with a high blood
sugar...What's the best thing to do?  Just bolus after each exercise session
until my body adjusts? Give up the water aerobics class until  whatever?  I
didn't overdo it - I felt great afterwards - slightly tired - not exhausted.
Will the 'experts' please chime in?  email @ redacted>>

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