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Subject: Re: [IP] Pumps in hospitals

The lack of knowledge in the medical community at large about pumps is
amazing.  Jenna had to be hospitalized once since she got her pump, for a
bad stomach bug that left her dehydrated (but not in DKA!).  I know I have
extra "pull" since I'm a physician, but when her doctor asked what orders he
should give about her insulin dosing with the pump, I told him to order that
Jenna's mom could do all the boluses.  He shifted around a little,
uncomfortable obviously, but that was the order written.  I told all the
nurses how much we bolused, and when we bolused, so they had something to
document.   We also used our own meter, and I told them what her sugars were
after I checked them.  Her record looked complete enough to make the nurses
feel like they were "covered" as far as her care.  After 10 hours of IV
fluids, we went home, with sugars pretty decent.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

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