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Subject: [IP] cheerleading

As the parent of a gymnast, we've tried several options, and the pump rarely
falls out now.  You're right that the key is attaching it to some very tight
fitting garment.  I make pockets out of swim suit material and put them on
the INSIDE of Jenna's leotard, just under the arm, so she doesn't hit it
with either front or back flips.  Michael talks of Lilly clipping hers to
the leg of Bike shorts, also Lycra.  And the sports bra thing works, too,
you may have to actually make a little pocket on it, and attach a little
piece of velcro at the top of the pocket to keep it from falling out with
upside down stunts, but it works.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

<<Hi everyone.  Recently Jess started a cheerleading class once a week.  She
absolutely loves it, but we are having problems with her pump staying put
during cartwheels and flips.  She uses Rapids, so we cannot disconnect for
this time.  Clipping the pump to her her shorts causes her pants to fall
down when jumping up and down. She only weighs 40 pounds and is 43" tall.
any suggestions would most definitely be appreciated.  We tried a sportsbra
also, and that works best so far.>>

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